MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0

MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0
MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0
MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0
MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0

MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0

Products designed and built by. Massive Speed Engine Lift Plates for GM LS / LT / Gen III / IV / V 3 4 5 Series V8 Engines. This is a kit (3) for all three style lift plates. Excellent tools to keep in the shop for your Silverado Tahoe Suburban Yukon Sierra Escalade Envoy Trailblazer Truck 1500 2500 3500 HD Camaro Corvette CTS-V 4.8 5.3 5.7 6.0 6.2 6.6 7.0.

Massive MATO'16257.2 + MATO'16517.0 + MATO'16632.6. You need a way to safely and easily lift your engine (and possibly trans if it's still connected) from your vehicle when using an engine hoist.

Massive makes the strongest, easiest to use plates at a killer price. BEWARE OF IMITATORS - If its doesnt say "made in the USA" its not ours - it DOESNT fit - It DOESNT work! Inferior materials and poorly copied design work! Full 3/16 carbon steel construction. This tool is more than just two pieces of metal welded together - we precise CNC Plasma cut mating paltes and then Mortise and Tenon Thru-weld them for max torsional strength.

INCLUDES all new high strength grade 10.9 Zinc and Yellow dichromate hex head cap screws and washers. Picks up all 10/11 bolt holes for max rigidity and ensures no damage to aluminum blocks, and seals out the motor from dust and dirt (or a random 8mm socket) while in storage. We've included all THREE different colors so you can easily identify them from across the shop! Heavy Duty texture / wrinkle finishes powder coated in house!

Made right here in the. Fits ALL Gen III, Gen IV and Gen V GM LS / (new style 2014+) LT engines.

We are the performance pros! Avoid time delays, disappointment & expense.

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MSS Engine Lift Plate Set Hoist Crane LS LT 1 2 X Gen III IV V 3 4 5 GM 5.3 6.0

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