440 880 550 660 1100 1320 1800 2200lbs Electric Hoist Crane Winch Overhead Lift

440 880 550 660 1100 1320 1800 2200lbs Electric Hoist Crane Winch Overhead Lift

440 880 550 660 1100 1320 1800 2200lbs Electric Hoist Crane Winch Overhead Lift

440 LBS - 2200 LBS Capability. This electric hoist, featuring a. 440 LBS - 2200 LBS. Load capacity, is very suitable for lifting engines, tables, wood, and shop equipment-no need to climb ladders and cranks. You can load and drop at a safe distance through the wireless remote control.

This is an ideal electric winch for far-ranging scenarios in heavy equipment loading. Tough Equipment & Tools, Pay Less. VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools.

Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. As the dimensions of the crane above 880lbs capacity becomes more larger, a remote control receiver with a yellow box is provided additionally. It Will help it work better. We provide you a wireless remote control with an emergency stop button, which allows you to power loads up and down from a safe distance. The remote control features a waterproofing cover for a harsh environment.

Adopting a complete copper motor covered by aluminum alloy housing that is durable and immune to corrosion, this electric winch features high efficiency and low noise. Designed for long-term use thanks to its immediate cooling effect. Thanks to series of advanced craft and designs, our garage hoist meets the various demands on strength and hardness.

The single line capacity is up to 220 lbs/99 kg - 1100 lbs/445 kg, double line up to 440 lbs/198 kg - 2200 lbs/990 kg. Featuring thoughtful designs, including premium alloy steel hook, aluminum alloy house, and powder coating, this jeep hardtop hoist can provide long-term usage with ensured stability and durability. When the hook touches the limit switch, the motor stops automatically to prohibit the chains from overloading.

Moreover, the zinc-plated anti-rotate steel wire is less liable to twist off, safer than average. This product is perfect for lifting in factories, warehouses, construction, cargo berth, garage, industrial and mining enterprises as an ideal assistant for harsh indoor and outdoor environments. Lifting Capacity: 220 lbs/99 kg(Single Cable), 440 lbs/198 kg(Double Cable). Lifting Speed: 10 m/min (33 ft/min)(Single Cable), 5 m/min (16 ft/min)(Double Cable).

Lifting Height: 12 m/39 ft(Single Cable), 6 m/20 ft(Double Cable). Material: Alloy Steel & Aluminium Alloy.

Item Weight: 5 lbs/10 kg. Item Dimensions: 13.8x9.8x5.9 in/35x25x15 cm.

1 x 1.6-meter Strap. 1 x 6-meter Hoisting Rope. Lifting Capacity: 275 lbs/124 kg(Single Cable), 550 lbs/248 kg(Double Cable). Lifting Capacity: 330 lbs/149 kg(Single Cable), 660 lbs/298 kg(Double Cable). Lifting Capacity: 440 lbs/198 kg(Single Cable), 880 lbs/396 kg(Double Cable).

Item Weight: 6 lbs/14 kg. Item Dimensions: 15.4x10.2x7.5 in/39x26x19 cm. Lifting Capacity: 550 lbs/248 kg(Single Cable), 1100 lbs/495 kg(Double Cable).

Lifting Capacity: 660 lbs/297 kg(Single Cable), 1320 lbs/594 kg(Double Cable). Item Weight: 7 lbs/16 kg.

Item Weight: 8 lbs/18 kg. Item Dimensions: 15.7x10.2x7.5 in//40x26x19 cm.

Lifting Capacity: 1100 lbs/445 kg(Single Cable), 2200 lbs/990 kg(Double Cable). Item Weight: 14 lbs/31 kg.

Item Dimensions: 18.5x11x9.4 in/47x28x24 cm. - With this wireless remote control, you can operate the electric hoist to lift, place and lower the equipment without someone else's assistance, which eliminates the dependence on being tied to the hoist.

- The high-quality cooper motor provides strong power that can bear large force without deformation for this electric winch. Single line capacity: 220 lbs/99 kg - 1100 lbs/445 kg; double line capacity: 440 lbs/198 kg - 2200 lbs/990 kg. - Comes with powder coated surface, premium aluminum alloy shell, and alloy steel sling, this all-in-one electric lift provides a stable and durable running with assured performance. - The limit switch can automatically stop the lifting when it touches the hook and prohibits the chain from overloading, which is reassuring compared to others' products.

- Our electric hoist with remote control is ideal for intermittent load lifting, suitable for factories, warehouses, construction, cargo berth, and garage by covering indoor and outdoor scenarios.

440 880 550 660 1100 1320 1800 2200lbs Electric Hoist Crane Winch Overhead Lift

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